Why LLM-bots?

We are at the forefront of democratizing AI for businesses worldwide!

No-Code Innovators: Our background in industrial data platforms has honed our expertise in no-code solutions, enabling businesses to easily gain insights by connecting data sources. This foundation makes AI technology accessible to all, not just those with technical backgrounds.

Expertise in SaaS and Big Data: We create AI chatbots that integrate seamlessly with your enterprise data systems, delivering intelligent and highly relevant insights for your specific business needs.

Vision Computing and Data Management: Our proficiency ensures our AI solutions are scalable and capable of sophisticated data processing, maximizing your data’s value.

Large-Scale Systems and Vector Databases: Our experience allows for efficient data handling, enabling our chatbots to provide quick, accurate responses.

Leveraging Open-Source AI with Falcon180b: We specialize in deploying Falcon180b, maximizing its performance through advanced prompt engineering, to offer powerful, cost-effective AI solutions.

Our Commitment

LLMBots.ai bridges the gap between AI’s potential and practical business applications. We combine our no-code philosophy with technical expertise to empower your business to innovate and grow through accessible AI solutions.

Join Us

  • Email: info@daria.bot
  • Phone: 786-505-7288